Vending machine.

A revolution in the storage and issuing of personal protective equipment items with 24/7 availability .

Automated device controlled by software.

It is filled with items of personal protective equipment with a higher frequency of use, such as: gloves, glasses, respirators, earplugs, one-time program...

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Advantages of using a vending machine:

  • Product availability 24/7
  • Creation of cost centers according to user wishes
  • Reporting according to the wishes and needs of users
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • 24/7 help and support
  • Education
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 2m
  • Touch screen

How does Vending actually work?

  • 1. Access to the machine and logging in

    (2 SECONDS)

  • 2. Product selection

    (3 SECONDS)

  • 3. Release of products

    (12 SECONDS)

  • 4. Exit the program

    (1 SECOND)

Less consumption and more savings.

  • Thanks to programming according to the specific needs of each employee , more accurate planning and control of PPE consumption is possible
  • Budgeting for a longer period without fear of mistakes
  • Insight into consumption at the daily level and at the level of the cost center and each individual person
  • Customized types of reports as needed and agreed
  • Consignment - the user pays only for what he has spent

100% organized distribution.

  • Thanks to software features and a very flexible reporting system, we are able to build a system for monitoring PPE consumption that is maximally adapted to clients
  • Availability of articles to users 24/7, without waiting for release from the warehouse
  • An additional reporting system - bi analysis provides a broader insight into the consumption of PPE by individual workplace

We do the work for you.

  • We take care of orders, stocks and distribution, we simplify and eliminate the internal procurement process
  • We are abolishing the logistics process - there is no internal receiving and issuing of items
  • We take care of deliveries and maintenance
  • Our IT team is in charge of analyzing consumption
  • We give suggestions on how to rationalize the consumption of PPE based on the real data provided by vending

Implemented on the EU market:

  • 250+ MACHINES
  • 170+ FACTORIES
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