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Workwear, work vests, work overalls, work trousers...

Protective shoes, gloves, helmets, disposable equipment, fall protection equipment...

Promo materials - t-shirts, jackets, hats, calendars, lighters, pens, umbrellas...

Printing, DTF printing, embroidery...

Our products >

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  • 100% Croatian production.

    Fully personalized workwear of exceptional quality for production facilities, construction sites, warehouses, military, police...

  • Proven global brands.

    The most competitive prices from the most famous brands for protective equipment.

Vending machine.

Learn more about modern technology that brings great savings and better organization of protective equipment.

A revolution in the storage and issuance of personal protective equipment items.

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Possibility of complete personalization.

Choose one of the printing or embroidery techniques to make your product unique and your company recognizable.

Find out for FREE which type of protective equipment is most suitable for your needs.

Our experts will listen to you and advise you by phone, e-mail or in person on the choice of material, thread, size, brand and type of equipment.

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