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ATG gloves Maxiflex Ultimate Ad-Apt

ATG gloves Maxiflex Ultimate Ad-Apt

Catalog number: 42-874 AD-APT

• Work glove for precise handling in a dry environment, which cools hands and reduces sweating using AD-APT technology

Coating: nitrile microfoam coating over the palm
Thickness: 1mm
Length: 25 cm
Color: dark gray-black
Available sizes: 6-11

Built-in ATG technologies:

AD-APT: AD-APT technology is activated by the movement of the hands and the increased temperature in the glove and releases a natural cooling agent that keeps your hands dry and cool . It is designed to last as long as the glove and can be washed in the washing machine .

AIRtech: 360° breathability - Patented microfoam layer directs moisture and heat away from your skin to maintain optimal hand temperature and enable efficient work.

DURAtech: MaxiFlex has extraordinary durability: it withstands 18,000 abrasion cycles per millimeter thanks to the application of DURAtech coating technology in the construction of the coating. Per millimeter of coating, MaxiFlex provides over twice as much resistance as other gloves in its class.

ERGOtech: These gloves are 25% thinner than most foamed nitrile gloves on the market, while providing twice the mechanical performance. It imitates the "hand at rest", reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort . The latest knitting technology is used to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, improving finger sensitivity . A consistent lining that protects prevents the penetration of nitrile , only the soft lining touches and protects the skin.

GRIPtech: Optimized grip it is achieved with a coating that creates "micro dots" on the surface layer, which enable a controlled grip .

HandCare: All gloves are washed after the production process and are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

Standards (norms): EN420, EN388 4131A


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