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Olympe S2 2m retractable fall arrester

Olympe S2 2m retractable fall arrester

Catalog number: FA20 502 02

• Kratos Safety fall arrest device with polymer housing with retractable strap

• Tested also for horizontal use to work in the presence of sharp edges

• Suitable for use in conditions of "Drop Factor 2"

Tape length: 2 m
Band width: 20 mm
Connectors: steel clip FA50 101 17 (clip opening 17 mm), aluminum clip FA 50 221 17 (clip opening 17 mm)
Load capacity: recommended for users with a maximum weight of up to 140 kg in vertical use and 100 kg in horizontal use
Breaking point: 15 kN
Item weight: 1 kg
Standard: EN360:2002


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