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Protective shoes Frisbee S1P SRC ESD

Protective shoes Frisbee S1P SRC ESD

Catalog number: B0647

Low protective shoe BASE collection RECOR

• SmellStop lining that prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi that develop in shoes, responsible for unpleasant odors

• Dry'n Air guarantees breathability , i.e. air circulation inside the shoes, and can be installed in the sole itself or in a replaceable insole

•Slim cap composite protective cap, 35% thinner compared to standard protective caps on the market, guarantees more comfort with a more modern design

• Tpu-skin makes it possible to reduce the hardness and thickness of the sole, to unprecedented proportions, the result is more elasticity and an air cushion effect

Interior: 3D high-tech textile
Upper: Microfiber
Insert: Dry'n Air breathability
Protective cap: Slim cap composite
Sole: relaxing elastic sole, two-layer PU/TPU + Tpu-Skin, antistatic, non-slip on ceramic and metal
Technical characteristics: S1P ESD SRC
Standard: EN ISO 20345, DGUV112-191
ESD standard: EN 61340-5-1:2008, EN 61340-4-3:2002
Available sizes: 34-49


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